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Awww Fairybliss, thanks so much for the kind words and the favorite(: My first 'favorite' on my first graphic here. I'm moving on up slowly but surely^^ ha ha:D xoxo
Still struggling trying to code this layout:-((

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 5, 10 5:44 am

I just thought of something while I'm here ( but forgot to put this in my last post) : How do people keep the material on their layouts looking so crisp and clear? IT looks like the designs are so clear that they are almost jumping off of the layout! Ha. When I save (in png and whatever), my images seem to become more and more muted each time. I don't understand.

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 26, 10 8:00 pm

Yea, actually my school is close by there. I go to DCD, country day

Posted by cynthiachioma on Jul 26, 10 6:38 pm

I went to SHS (I'm talking about high school but I didn't want to say the whole know). But you know what I'm talking about?

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 26, 10 7:06 am

Website template. And yea, I live in Detroit like 5 minutes from Southfield!

Posted by cynthiachioma on Jul 25, 10 11:31 pm

Oh, that was 'fast'! Wow! But yeah, your layout was amazing! I loved that. Was that for myspace or CB? I have to look back and see. Also, in looking here at your page, I see you're from Detroit? I'm from Southfield. Do you know where that is?

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 25, 10 10:27 pm

Thanks for the layout comments! ^_^

Posted by cynthiachioma on Jul 25, 10 10:19 pm
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